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fragrance bottle

51/49 approached the design agency with the task of designing a fragrance bottle and its packaging for their newly developed brand that embodies self discovery and empowerment through quality fragrances.


Inspired by grasping a smartphone and interacting with its flush buttons, the 51/49 fragrance bottle design  merges the tactility of a rectangular object with aesthetic qualities of a wellness product. Fragrance bottle is enclosed in a fold out packaging made out of recycled paper, held together by a ribbon form at the top.  By pulling away the ribbon, a slow descending motion reveals the fragrance: creating a similar excitement to unwrapping a gift.

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a fragrance bottle is much more than a liquid container; it is the means of  conveying emotion and attraction.


attraction begins with human nature

inner form

outer form

emboss & deboss

preliminary 3d modelling

> initially imagined outer/inner shapes produced an inner volume lot less than the required volume which was around 30 mL

version 2

> form variation attempt to modify inner volume: the modification did not affect the volume, however influenced a style revision

final version

> overall bottle had to be enlarged by 20%

> the 60mm wide body resulted in scaled up to 72mm. The increase does not make big of a difference in comfortable grasp.

> the inner form was tweaked to introduce a space of 50 mL



> comfortable form

> press pump easy to reach

... even before one holds the bottle, the experience begins with the unboxing


the conscious brand image has to be communicated through  packaging


The packaging is designed to produce the least waste and therefore the material is considerately selected to be an-eco friendly alternative. Heavyweight recycled paper presents itself as an ideal material as it can accommodate various colours and textures that will allow the full representation of the 51/49 brand. Aside from aesthetic concerns, the folded ribbon form functions as two tabs to open the packaging when pulled in opposite directions. The resulting movement is in resemblance to a blooming flower, the packaging moves in a slowly descending motion to unveil the fragrance.