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educational toy-robot

Pomelo is an interactive educational robot that aims to encourage pre-school children to use technology as an learning tool, instead of an addictive entertainment, while creating a cooperative and social classroom environment. The place of a teacher is indisputable, Pomelo simply assists the teacher by incorporating a bit of technology.


Pomelo’s form takes its inspiration from the adorable friendship between a child and a dog. Pomelo communicates with students through visuals on its built-in screen and speech. There is lot to be told: please spare time to check out the details below.

meet pomelo

Appealing to a young age group that is born into the digital 21st century, the toy-bot gives feedback through its visual and audio outputs.

Pomelo teaches children basic algorithmic skills and enhances classroom collaboration through games.

High school students’ extracurricular project Pomelo,  becomes a two-time award winner after receiving international recognition as an “Honorable Mention” in the “European Product Design Award”. Previously earning the “Delegates’ Choice” award at the “International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction” in South Korea.

Our team consists of a balanced mix of high school and college students, so as we progressed with our project, we also established a peer- to-peer learning.


team members

Can Gurkan, Can Aydin, Liora Nasi,

Yoel Nasi, Rana Taki, Batuhan Bayraktar, Ece Tabag, Sedat Yalcin.


special thanks

Emre Otay, Kaan Bozkurt

During the final phases of the design, we were cautious to pick gender neutral colours to address increasing concern that gender-typed colour preferences affect children’s play.

To make the designed object function, there is a substantial amount of technology involved: electronics and computer programming. We took full advantage of the Raspberry Pi platform to program Pomelo’s abilities.

Pomelo received constructive, and positive feedback from many research groups. We are also delighted to have received collaboration opportunities from prestigious universities.


We wish to continue our journey to unveil the full potential of tomorrow's young students.


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