industrial design

I use professional 3D CAD software, Autodesk Fusion 360 for visualizing and rendering my products. Aside from digital designs, I also work on sketches and conceptual ideas. Without hesitation, I can state that I make prototypes, varying in sizes and materials. I want to create solutions to real world issues. Give a tap on my projects below to learn more about them. (I assure you that they are quite interesting.)

fashion design

I have worked on sketches and digitalization. I research about the trends and combine them with creativity to create a design that is unique and beautiful. the Colors I use has a big effect on my pieces. I always look as an ordinary person to what I've created when finished. It has to be appealing for everyone, if it isn't I have to start from the beginning again.

graphic design

I like to create visually entertaining designs in Adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. I can create various characters as well as logos, vector graphics, posters and brochures.

visual arts

My passion in art started in my age 3. Simply, painting was my first action for coming up to this point. painting was never enough for me. so I experienced art from sketching to photography.


This is more like a hobby. I like to discover and capture the world. The world is unique, the way you see is what matters.

video production

Check back later for context, it'll be up soon ;)

web design

I can also build websites from scratch. Adobe muse gave me the opportunity to focus just on the visuals, ignoring hundred lines of complicated code.

3D design

using 3 dimensional designing made me see things from a way that i have never been. It helped me to understand how things work.